The Daily Athenaeum

To view all of my archived work for The Daily Athenaeum, click here.

August 2015 — May 2016: Editor in Chief

This was by far the most rewarding position I held at The DA. It was countless late nights and going over printed pages with a fine comb, but the daily content we produced was worth it. What I learned: sharpening of macro-editing skills, dealing with advertisements and ad placement, managing a staff of more than 60 editors and writers and handling negative feedback in a professional manor.

August 2014 — December 2014: Copy Editor

While this job wasn’t as demanding as city editor, I learned a lot about micro-editing, broadening my knowledge of AP style, sentence structure and fact checking.

August 2013 — May 2014: Associate City Editor

This job was time consuming but extremely rewarding. I learned: budgeting news stories, managing a staff, fact checking, editing and work arounds.

September 2012 — May 2013: Staff Writer

This is where I learned the basics of journalism: AP style, interviewing skills, deadlines and criticism.

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